Welcome to Debi Dawson - Changing Status

Rapid Change Therapist & Reiki Master Teacher 

 "Helping you make the changes you want and need"

Working with people and helping them overcome problematic thoughts, feelings and behaviours has been my drive professionally for over 22 years. I am passionate about helping others, so much so that in 2011 I established Changing Status and have been lucky to witness some amazing changes in many clients. I am able to offer a bespoke service using a combination of my therapies tailoring them to your specific needs.  

This what some of my previous clients have said.......

Hi debi

The IEMT is quite miraculous! Thankyou so much I can feel such a difference already.

A short message after just one hour session of Integral Eye Movement Therapy. 🙏👌

29th January 2020

I went to Debs for a treatment as I had been suffering from chronic stress, fibromyalgia, constantly run down catching every virus going, lack of energy and trapped emotions.
She is the most lovely kind natured lady with very uplifting energy and instantly makes me feel at ease in her treatment room which is a lovely private sanctuary.
I had the iemt treatment which is a quick treatment and instantly made me feel better and removed thoughts and feelings of things which had been imprinted on me throughout my life.
Its miraculous.
Debs was very comforting and I can naturally open up to her at ease and my tears naturally flow and release which is a big thing for me . She is truly gifted and amazing at her job.
Also I had and continue to have reiki. It is a very comforting treatment , gets your body to fully relax and release all negative energy and blockages and gets all energy back flowing so the body can heal.
I had been suffering with a sore throat each time I had cane in to have the treatment and each time it instantly cleared it :))) wahooo absolutely amazing.
I feel better with more energy and less pain than I have in years.
I am entirely grateful to Debs .
Thank you so much you are a true angel. Xxx
16th October 2019 

For more information and to discuss how I can help you, call 01522 868037 or use the online enquiry form.

My main areas of expertise are in helping people overcome: 

  • PTSD and Trauma
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Other connecting issues relating to the above, such as, confidence, self esteem, habits, addictions, fears and phobias.

I am qualified in a range of Change Work Therapies including:

What can the Therapies Offered Help With?

  • Leaving the Past Behind
  • Overcoming Anxiety, Depression and Panic
  • PTSD
  • Changing Unwanted Fears, Phobias and Habits
  • Raise your Self-Esteem and Confidence
  • Reduce Stress
  • Increase motivation

Each therapy or treatment is tailored to you, offering a holistic approach to change and healing, providing a clear path in life to help you become free from unwanted, negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Individual Treatments or Bespoke Packages

Treatments can be experienced individually or combined as bespoke packages, such as:

  • Whole-being Package for Anxiety, Depression and Trauma - Change Therapy & Reiki Healing
  • Pure Relaxation Package - Guided Meditation & Reiki Healing
  • Stress Reduction Programme - Hypnotherapy and Self Hypnosis

I have many years of experience in supporting people who want to make positive changes in their lives. These are made achievable by combining all the skills I have acquired through professional and spiritual training and development, and with the client’s commitment.

I look forward to meeting you and I never see any barrier as too large to overcome. There is always a way forward and it is just a case of selecting the right treatment(s) for each individual. We will discuss your needs at your free initial consultation.