Hypnotherapy, IEMT & NLP

Free Initial consultation to discuss your needs and experience a brief relaxation hypnotherapy session. There is no obligation to continue after our initial meeting, if you feel this is not the correct therapy for you.

Hypnotherapy and NLP£55 per 1 hour session
IEMT£55 per 1 hour session
Stop Smoking£150


Please feel free to read my specialist pages for more information on Reiki, Spiritual and Spiritual and Intuitive Healing. Get six treatments for the price of five.

Reiki treatment
with Crystals
Chakra Balancing
and Aura Cleansing
Spiritual &
Intuitive Healing

Reiki Training

Reiki 1st Degree£120
Reiki 2nd Degree£140
Reiki Master
Reiki Teacher£300
Reiki Master/Teacher


Join SoBerYou: Making Sober Fun, Interesting and certainly Not Boring!

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Specialist Packages

Specialist packages have been devised to offer a holistic approach to change and healing. Often how we think and feel can impact on our Physical and Mental health. Manifesting as illness, depression and stress. By combining therapies we are able to address all issues and provide you with overall balance. The number of sessions differs for each individual and will be discussed and agreed at your initial appointment.

Wholebeing Package- Change Therapy and Reiki £80
Pure Relaxation – Guided Meditation followed by a Reiki Treatment£60
Group guided meditation minimum of 5 people£10 per person
Past Life Regression
The number of sessions required depends on your desired outcome.
£80 – Initial session last up to 2 hours
Subsequent sessions £55
Group Past Life Regression (minimum 5 people)£20 per person Host £15