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Group and One-to-One Sessions are Also Available for Added Accountability & Support.

Come Along and be Part of our Sober Tribe and an Amazing Movement – the Sober Revolution!

Whether you are sober curious, wanting to give Sober a try or looking beyond and would like to Out The Alcohol from your life permanently, SoBerYou has a program to suit you, offering information, inspiration, guidance, support, connection and accountability.

” No Rock Bottom Required”

SoBerYou works with women who want to bring the shine back into their lives.

Do you find that you are caring for everyone else with little or no time for yourself or even though you have a good focus on healthy living and well-being, alcohol is having a negative impact on you?

  • You know deep inside that your life would improve on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level if you Outed the Alcohol?
  • Do you feel stuck on a merry go round and unable to jump off even for a day, or a weekend?
  • Are you stuck in the daily routine of having an alcoholic drink as a reward, to help you relax, destress, sleep, or numb out feelings of anxiety or unwanted thoughts and memories?
  • Do you feel like another part of you takes over and keeps reverting to the only behaviour it knows – going overboard?
  • Has your inner rebel or party girl alter ego not caught up with your true inner self? Getting you into trouble, even when you have made definite plans to moderate?
  • Or, is drinking alcohol just what you or you and your partner/friends have always done, and you now want to try another way and give sober a try?
  • You have tried Outing the Alcohol before, but it just does not stick?
  • Does the very thought of not drinking alcohol scare you?

This can seem like a mountainous challenge but with the right support and a change in mindset it can be an exciting and enlightening adventure.

  • SoBerYou is here for you wherever you may be in your adventure.
  • The methods within the programs have been proven and will work to change your mindset.
  • Leaving you free from any feelings of being deprived and excited by the changes taking place.
  • Stop thinking about drinking.
  • Give yourself the gift and finally feel in control of your life.
  • Get out of your cycle of yesterday, stop looking back to where you have always been. Be brave, take the first step forward to where YOU want to go.
  • Expand your world, find the real you that has been dulled and buried under alcohol.
  • Live authentically, enjoy living a full life, with more energy, more clarity, living happily, healthily, and freely, more than ever before.
  • Free from the social norm.

Do you use alcohol to numb uncomfortable or problematic thoughts and emotions? If the answer is yes, I can help by incorporating my successful and effective Whole-being package. Each session includes a Rapid Change Therapy and Healing Reiki Session and works to free you from those thoughts and emotions.

Here’s What Others Have Said About my Course…

This time my vision is that I am looking forward to extending my sober journey to 100 days and beyond. I am happy being sober and I am happy going out sober.
Once again Debi’s ongoing support has been amazing and I am even more excited to see what next week brings.
Thank you again Debi, I truly am beginning to feel like a sober warrior.”

 “I have just successfully completed Sober you 30 and all I can say is that this course is absolutely amazing”

“Debi’s support is fantastic. Debi is professional and extremely knowledgeable, easy to talk to and puts me at ease.”

“I am happier and healthier and have so much more energy and enthusiasm”

So Be You!

Peel back the layers and

reveal your true inner shine.

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