I absolutely love kombucha and a nice cold glass of alcohol free Fizz!

Since Outing the Alcohol I have discovered a liking for AF Lager, something I did not really drink previously. There are so many on the market now, below are my favourites.

Rawsons Retreat is in my opinion is the best AF Red I have tasted and lovely when combined with Nine Elms. I have also made fantastic mulled wine with these two.

For some really lovely Alcohol Free Cocktails go here

Bliss has chocolate, spice and an array of goodies, take a look at their website for more information. Bliss sits with those alternatives that enhance your situation without the hangover. Alongside this are Three Spirit and Senser both delicious and combine well with the mixer of choice.

Lastly a new one for me and a definite staple is OTO seltzer containing CBD. This contains no THC so completely legal. Of course there are so many reported benefits to CBD oil around anxiety, pain and much more. Find out more here.

I invested in a Sodastream during the summer, making some gorgeous sparkling flavoured waters and juices. You can play around with flavour combinations of your own or try these juices. There really are so many beautiful cordials in the supermarkets now. If you were like me I had never really explored these isles fully!

Buy Here

Herbals teas have always been something I enjoyed and have now become a staple in my drinks cupboard. Of course there is a huge selection in the supermarkets and online. These are my favourites.