Recommended Reading

Reading Quit Lit both Inspirational and the Science Behind Drinking has been an invaluable tool on my Sober Adventure. Listed below are a few of my favourite reads, I hope you find them as helpful as I have.

You will find some titles that do not directly refer to alcohol, however they have also played a huge part on my adventure and beyond.

I have always been aware of the influence the Moon had on me, particularly the Full Moon. Or so I thought, little did I know that I had been using alcohol to numb out the affects of the Moon. These became even more apparent once I had Outed the Alcohol. Not only was it the Full Moon but the New Moon and a whole array of other Moon cycles and Planetary activity.

This book by Yasmin Boland, the Oracle Cards have been a fantastic part of my Sober Toolkit. For next year I feel even more prepared and ready to harness the power of the moon, with her fantastic Moonology Dairy for 2021.