SoBerYou30 1 to 1 Coaching Program – Week by week review

Week 1 – 28/08/2020

For the past 30 yrs, my life has revolved around drinking. Periods of not drinking, binge drinking, just managing to keep everything afloat, holding a job together, raising my children. I have suffered from periods of depression and anxiety.

I have sought help in the past but always relapsed time and time again. I had never heard of Gray area drinkers until I met with Debi .

I was a little anxious about the initial meeting but Debi instantly made me feel at ease and reassured me that I could actually do this !.

Because Debi has actually done this herself and has experienced the highs and the lows of the sober journey, I feel that she actually understands me and knows what I am going through and thinking at times. It’s like I have a friend by my side to hold my hand in times of need and celebrate with me in times of success.

I have just successfully completed the first 7 days. This really digs deep into my drinking history, patterns and looks at reasons why I have always drunk as I do.

Debi emails me daily lessons each morning and then I email her in the evening to reflect on my day. The support is outstanding and when I had a dip in the week Debi gave me the support and encouragement for me to keep going and again, I really felt that Debi knew what I was going through. With Debi’s support, I have managed 2 social events this week alcohol-free. In the past, I probably would have cancelled. I am actually learning that I can live without alcohol and not just shut myself away when I stop drinking.

Meeting with Debi is a very pleasant experience. She is easy to talk to and I feel that I can tell her anything without her judging me. Although this week has had its ups and downs, with Debi’s support I feel that I have been given the confidence to succeed in my sober journey.

All I can say is “Thank You so much Debi ” and let’s bring on week 2 !! .

Week 2 – 07/09/2020

I have just successfully completed week 2 of my Sober You 30 day journey. I say journey, although this week has been more of an adventure, and an exciting one at that!

Week 1 was very focussed around alcohol and the reasons, the why’s, the dangers, the triggers. This needed to be done though and literally pulling it to pieces and getting down to the nitty gritty formed the firm foundation so that I could start to rebuild and restructure me and my new life.

Week 2 has just been great. It has felt like it’s been all about me !!. The worksheets have focussed on my wellbeing, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. In general, really looking after myself. There has been so much to learn and it has inspired me to learn more. I have read so much and have found it absolutely fascinating. I have loved trying new things too, barefoot grounding and learning the science behind it has amazed me. The benefits of meditation and again trying different ways to meditate. I am even journaling correctly now.

For the first time EVER in my numerous attempts to conquer this addiction, I am actually enjoying myself. In the past, I have always felt deprived and that I am missing out. I have shut myself away and felt that I couldn’t go anywhere or socialise if I couldn’t have a drink.

I am actually looking forward to going out sober. It’s probably hard to believe, but I already am beginning to feel like a different person. This course is teaching me how to be myself again, care for myself and enjoy myself without the poison inside me. It’s like there is a whole new world out there waiting for me.

I go to bed each night excited for the day ahead. I am already so much happier.

Debi’s support is yet again fantastic and the daily encouragement and advice are second to none. There is no way that I would be feeling this good without her.

This course just gets better each day and I couldn’t feel more excited to start week 3.

Thank you Debi.

Week 3 – 15/09/2020

I have now successfully completed my 3rd week of my sober journey with Soberyou 30. The lessons this week have enabled me to build upon and complete my sober tool kit. There is an added bonus included being that Debi emails a daily voice recording that talks you through the lessons and the various techniques used to help deal with your emotions and triggers. I have them saved in my phone and have them on hand to listen to any time that I need to.

The lessons this week have taught me how to be more in tune with my emotions and helped me to stop making rash decisions, and I have made a few of those in my time !!. They have helped me identify why I am experiencing a craving or an out of sort emotion. Then by using a technique called RAIN, has helped me deal with this trigger/ emotion by accepting it, allowing it to happen and then letting it pass.

I have used this several times this week and it has definitely been very handy and the right way to deal with emotions and feelings , especially those of anger.

In the past I have often washed an unwanted emotion, feeling or situation away with a few glasses of wine only for it to rear it’s ugly head the next day with a vengeance.

I was really surprised when I listed my fears of missing out FOMO and my joys of missing out JOMO. MY joys by far outweighed the fears and made me realise how overrated and damaging alcohol really is.

In the past when I have stopped drinking, I have always had a vision at the end that once I was” normal “again I would be able to reward myself with a night out and of course involving alcohol.

This time my vision is that I am looking forward to extending my sober journey to 100 days and beyond. I am happy being sober and I am happy going out sober.

Once again Debi’s ongoing support has been amazing and I am even more excited to see what next week brings.

Thank you again Debi, I truly am beginning to feel like a sober warrior.

Week 4 – 27/09/2020

I have just completed week 4 of Sober You 30. Unfortunately, I can not say successfully this time as I relasped on day 26 or “had a blip” . I will call it a blip because thankfully due to everything I have learnt and with Debi’s unbelievable support, the blip lasted only 2 days and I am now fully back on track and more determined than ever to carry on and succeed.

There is no sole reason why it happened but looking back , I can now see that there were warning signs that I didn’t pick up on. I had a few days leading up where I was a bit out of sorts and busy and stressed at home. This lead to me neglecting my self care, Journaling, grounding, meditation following through with all the lessons I have learnt that were building up my sober tool kit had started to fall apart .

I have learnt some valuable lessons from this though. The list is endless but a few that stick in my mind are

Never neglect your self care. It is a valuable part of your sober tool kit.

Journal, Journal and Journal away, thoughts, emotions ,situations and how you dealt with them.

Learn to be in tune with how you are feeling.

Email Debi if you are feeling out of sorts.

We are still going to have bad days even though we are not drinking.

Relapse doesn’t mean failure. Pick up where you left off and because of everything you have learnt ,You can get back on track much easier.

Debi has been amazing this week. Patient, caring and extremely supportive. Without a shadow of a doubt, I would not be back here typing this up without her.

I am into module 3 now, which is looking at where my head is at right now and doing a bit of catching up. On Debi’s advice I went right back to the start of the course and read through everything we had covered to reinforce it.

I am now wooping almost every situation beforehand. I don’t want to take any chances. If I don’t want another WHOOPS, then I must do my WOOPS !!.

It’s took a few days but I now feel fully back on track and ready to complete Sober You 30 with a big smile on my face.

Thank you Debi once again.