Specialist Packages

Let your Mind Untangle and Your Body Unwind

In life we are all so busy running around, working, often looking after others. Not many of us truly look after ourselves, being so neglectful has repercussions and can result in: low energy, muscular tension, headaches, mood changes, feeling stressed and strung out or depressed and emotional. These symptoms if untreated may manifest in more serious illness’s and result in breakdowns in our emotional, mental or physical health.

This is why here at Changing Status we offer Specialist Packages to assist you in regaining balance and control, promoting your own well being. These packages will heal your Mind, Body and Soul. Offering much needed time especially for you. Time for you to truly relax, letting tension flow out of your body and your mind to find some peace, allowing your batteries to recharge so you can function at your best.

Benefits of Meditation

Reduced stress and improved health and well being are only two of the many benefits of regular meditation. It can reduce the risk of heart disease, depression, anxiety and offer you peace and clarity of mind – time for your mind to be clear of all those nagging worries and thoughts we carry in this life. However many people feel they just can’t do it, or don’t have the time, find it impossible with work and family commitments to find that precious 20 minutes. That is why these two packages are offered, so you can come to me and experience time for you and your mind to rest, relax and revive. Take some time out of the day just as you would for other appointments and improve your overall well being.

Whole Being Package – for Anxiety, Depression and Trauma

This combines IEMT, Hypnotherapy, NLP and Reiki. Reiki is used to balance our bodies natural energy channels, the chakra’s. Not only does it provide healing energy to balance but also to clear any negative energies we have attracted in life. These could be a result of any negative experiences, traumas, emotions, feelings or behaviours.

Combining Reiki with Change Therapies could offer a powerful therapy when dealing with deeply ingrained emotional issues such as low self esteem, anxiety, depression or relationship problems.

This package will treat both body and mind, helping you to feel calmer and develop a clear focus on the future.

Each session is £70

Pure Relaxation

Sessions last approx 60 mins and offer you the ultimate relaxation time. You will be guided through a beautiful meditation, allowing your mind to calm, offering you clarity and peace. This will last approx 20 mins and will then be followed by a truly relaxing and ultimately recharging Reiki treatment, with or without the use of Crystals. You will leave feeling revived and ready to take on life’s challenges – £40.

Group guided meditation minimum of 5 people – £5 per person please contact me for further details.

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