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“Hi Debi, I would like to say a big thank you for helping to get “me” back again. I will be in touch.

– From a client suffering from PTSD and treated with IEMT.

Feeling very happy and content in my life and I can honestly say it’s all down to this lady @changing_status_therapies. She is a miracle worker 🙌. Can’t thank you enough for finally giving me the tools to be me again #feelinggood#iemt#besttherapy


“In short, life changing.”
I have been suffering with anxiety and depression since being around 14 years old. It seemed to be getting stronger by the day, before going to see Debi I was struggling to leave my house, it took me about 3 hours to get to sleep every night if I got any at all from negative thinking, it would take all of my energy and strength to complete one task a day out of a list that felt never ending. I put everything off, cancelled everything, worried so much about what people thought, I was in tears more than I was smiling. I have tried everything out there to help myself, but in honesty I had given up I thought this was my life for the rest of my life. My mother was then told about how effective Debi’s work is and booked me in, I thought to myself try it out but expect it to be a really long process after all these years suffering with it, it will take time. In my first hour, we covered the routes of so many different emotions that I never even thought were related to how I was feeling and used the eye movement therapy. I left with the most surreal feeling, it was almost as if I knew something had changed but couldn’t believe it would be so instant. For the first few days, I was sort of pinching myself wondering how and why the thoughts and feelings weren’t there I even found myself, just out of habit trying to think about them to see if this really could be happening and the sudden gush of negativity and tears just wouldn’t come. It’s not that I have forgotten anything, more that when I do think of certain situations I would reach the positive before the negative and be able to move on. I found myself being able to go a minute or so at a time without a single thought which I cannot stress enough how long I have craved to be able to do that. I’m falling straight to sleep every night, waking up early, lots of energy, smiling, laughing more. I went back several weeks later for my second appointment, and realised the only bad thought left was the fear of the depression coming back. And once we worked through that and I had accepted a big big change has been made, we both agreed I didn’t need anymore sessions! 
10 or more years of severe depression and two hours of the right treatment has made me feel a way I never have before.’ 

Thank you a million for your help, I feel so much relief just having your number in my phone if anything ever changes. You are a modern day Saint! 


I had suffered from a bird phobia for as long as I can remember.  And when I say suffered, it wasn’t just myself who suffered, but also my husband, children – in fact anyone who ever went out of the house with me.  It had a huge impact on my life and where we visited as a family.   Two weeks ago, I began rapid eye movement therapy combined with hypnotherapy with Debi.  It was a very pleasant experience:  she is easy to talk to, warm and open.  The rapid eye movement was easy, quick and felt effortless, and this was followed by a relaxing hypnotherapy session. So easy it was that when I left the session, I had no idea how powerful it had actually been.  That evening I visited Clumber Park and had a walk around the lake.  Rather than skirting around the area where the geese were, I suggested walking though.  I was surprised to experience no fear – however I had yet to test this out on my biggest fear:  pigeons!  The next day I visited a seaside town and again was unperturbed by the seagulls.  I stood with my daughter to pay at a beach kiosk, when a pigeon flew down next to me (within a metre).  Previously, I would have run away in terror, not returned to the kiosk and would have spent the rest of the day looking out for any pigeons.  I was absolutely fine!  I was able to respond like anyone else in the queue – I had no reaction!  I have subsequently been for one more session as I just wanted to ensure I could sit outside, at a table with pigeons walking nearby.  I have since been into the town centre, walked passed pigeons and felt no fear or had to run away.   Today was my ultimate test as I visited my hairdresser who keeps peacocks.  Normally, I sit in the car until I can see they are nowhere near the door and run into the salon – I have even had to have the way cleared to my car before.  Today I went to see the peacock chicks and felt no fear as the male peacock walked right passed me a few times.  Thank you so much Debi – you have changed my life.

Hi debi

The IEMT is quite miraculous! Thankyou so much I can feel such a difference already.

A short message after just one hour session of Integral Eye Movement Therapy. 🙏👌

29th January 2020

It is always so lovely to hear how clients are getting on. I never request reviews and only publish with their permission.
This clients sessions incorporated IEMT, Hypnotherapy and Reiki

Thank you Debi.
For everything. Thank you doesnt seem enough, 122 days alcohol free today, but even before that, the changes in myself from seeing you have been amazing.
I feel for the first time in as long as I can remember that I have me, myself back. The happiest, most content, most physically active and mentally at one that I have been for a very long long time, like 20+ years!, half my life I have been lost!
Through a mixture of your work with me I am found.

You deserve the best!
Next time I see you don’t be surprised if I dont poke your back!!
(Looking for them wings amazing lady!!)

Anon December 18th 2019

I went to Debs for a treatment as I had been suffering from chronic stress, fibromyalgia, constantly run down catching every virus going, lack of energy and trapped emotions.
She is the most lovely kind natured lady with very uplifting energy and instantly makes me feel at ease in her treatment room which is a lovely private sanctuary.
I had the iemt treatment which is a quick treatment and instantly made me feel better and removed thoughts and feelings of things which had been imprinted on me throughout my life.
Its miraculous.
Debs was very comforting and I can naturally open up to her at ease and my tears naturally flow and release which is a big thing for me . She is truly gifted and amazing at her job.
Also I had and continue to have reiki. It is a very comforting treatment , gets your body to fully relax and release all negative energy and blockages and gets all energy back flowing so the body can heal.
I had been suffering with a sore throat each time I had cane in to have the treatment and each time it instantly cleared it :))) wahooo absolutely amazing.
I feel better with more energy and less pain than I have in years.
I am entirely grateful to Debs .
Thank you so much you are a true angel. Xxx
16th October 2019

Hi Debi, I forgot to say that I passed both exams that I need to get onto the next academic year, would just like to thank you again its really helped me so much.
Daniel 19th October 2019

Hi Debi, I just wanted to thank you so much, the exam went well I didnt feel nervous or worried about it beforehand, it’s the first time in a long time I’ve felt confident walking into an exam. Honestly it has been amazing.

Thanks again
Daniel 7th August 2019 

Hi Debi,
Just wanted to say a big thank you for today, I totally loved it. Really enjoyed practising healing on Karen and seeing my spirit guide, whose name came to me while I was sat there today too. She was Gaia.
Feel really satisfied I’ve taken this step. Thank you for being such a great teacher. The day was really interesting and I loved the mix of Information, exercises and practice, the perfect balance.
Have a lovely evening,
Lucy 08/05/2019

Hi Debi 
Just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic training day yesterday I really feel that I learnt a lot and enjoyed your style of training .Hope to see you again soon with case studies completed .

Kind regards
Yvonne 18/04/2019

Dear Debi I am emailing you to thank you for giving me a new lease of life .

Before I met you I was literally in the worst place I had been in my existence , my mind was unable to deal with the compound problems I had , I was physically week from my accident and the operation I had after it , the pain was immense and I was desperate to find a way to overcome the sleep deprivation I was suffering . I was deeply depressed from the deaths of my three friends so close together and the loss of my lovely sister without her the world was empty I was so angry and bitter I have never cried so hard and so often in my life I kept telling myself to be a man but I felt pathetic and week . My business was struggling and the financial pressures became more than extreme when I could not find the money to pay the loans I had taken out to try and survive , I could go on about the problems I was suffering from the downturn of the economy the dishonest people that I did not see coming and the bullies that took pleasure in terrifying people along the way , BUT they don’t bother me now in fact very little of anything does why ? because of YOU.

When I found your site on the internet you stood out because you have so many skills and you understand that one form of treatment may help people but is often not really going to work as well as a combination will .

You evaluated my life present and past you understood everything I was struggling so desperately with your perception of the mind spirit and soul is brilliant and lovely , you took the pain physically and emotionally from me to a level that I could deal with and understand .

My confidence that had long gone returned I started to relax and sleep I started to deal with problems instead of fearing them but above all I recognise and now experience true happiness and the understanding of life.

I cannot thank enough for giving me my life back.

Chris (Lincoln) 20/01/2015*
*results may vary from person to person*

*Before i saw Debi i was petrified of flying. I couldn’t watch anything to do with planes or that involved plane crashes. When due to fly even being at the airport caused fear and as fir the plane journey i would cry and be extremely scared. I saw Debi in september 3wks before i was due to fly to mexico for my holidays. I had three sessions with Debi. After my first session i felt different i went home and watched a film which involved a plane crash. Normally i wouldn’t be able to watch this but i did. This itself was a big achievement for me. I admit i was very sceptical with all of this however when the time came for our holiday i got to the airport and was excited to see the planes. When we boarded the plane i still felt sooo excited. This feeling continued. Take off was a totally different experience this time i was excited and happy for the first time ever. My family said it was like looking at a different person. I am so thankfull to Debi. My whole experience was so different this time. It made me so happy that i could enjoy the flight. I now can say i am no longer scared of flying. Debi was lovely and makes you feel at ease when discussing problems/fears etc. If you have any fears anxiety problems i deffinately recommend a visit to see Debi.  
Again Thank you so much.  

*results may vary from person to person*

*”As a health practitioner I am aware that we need to be at our best in order to carry out effective treatments so I decided to go for a course of treatment with Deborah. I experienced IEMT, hypnotherapy and Reiki and am extremely satisfied with the results. Deborah is approachable and knowledgeable and I felt very at ease and after each session very uplifted. I have noticed I am much more at peace and this has reflected on the treatments I administer. I highly recommend going to see Deborah and I will continue treatments regularly to keep me at my best self. Thankyou so much for everything.”

Anon 24/10/2014* 
*results may vary from person to person*

*Before I was helped by Debi I was a sad case, struggling with:
constant anxiety; edginess; panic attacks; inability to eat; losing weight; poor sleeping; regular IBS attacks; feeling sick; fear of vomiting; exhaustion and apathy.
After Debi’s help, using Integral Eye Movement Therapy, hypnotherapy, NLP and Reiki:
my old self has emerged; I’m more relaxed; I can eat; I’ve gained the weight I lost; I sleep well; IBS has disappeared; I don’t feel sick or fear vomiting; I have energy and vitality.

Thank you so much, Debi, from a grateful client.*
*results may vary from person to person*

*Debi, I don’t know where to start. I still can’t believe the change that has occurred within me in the way I feel about myself. I have always suffered from low self esteem and lack of confidence but managed to get by. This always created a huge amount of anxiety in me which I coped with in different ways throughout my life. Almost 4 years ago my marriage ended which was not something I instigated, although I did know that it was for the best and that there would be no going back! I had been married for 23 years so my self esteem was in tatters.

I had a few dates and met a man who became a good friend and he became very special to me. However once. I got involved with him my anxiety levels increased. ( A feeling I was familiar with) and he made me feel insecure. I became jealous, insecure and anxious at a high level. He made me feel like I was the one who was spoiling our relationship with MY problems. Because of this I decided to see You Debi, which. I have to say was a huge decision.

I saw Debi for 3 months and my confidence in myself began to grow. I started to see everything was not my fault. I tried so hard to be what my boyfriend wanted but it didn’t feel right and I questioned everything. In January 2014 he ended things and I was devastated but at the same time felt strong and looking to a better future. Debi made me believe in myself, gave me confidence, helped me relax and think about what I really want and trust my instincts and judgement. I became happy with me. Made better decisions and have since met the love of my life. I have met the man I ALWAYS wanted to meet and feel like I dreamt him into reality. I am so happy in myself and in my relationship. I love my life….my friends…..my family….. My work…….my relationship and more importantly myself.

Thank you Debi. You really have helped me change my status. It has not happened overnight. It has taken 9 months but that is nothing after living half a life for the last 50 years. I cannot thank you enough. Take from this what you need for the website. Thank you again.

Lorraine x  09/06/2014.* 
*results may vary from person to person*

*The client below came to me wanting to lose weight but more importantly make permanent changes to the way they lived. After years of over eating and eating the wrong foods, they were finding this difficult.
We used Hypnotherapy and NLP which whilst effective did not break through their last barrier which was their confidence in themselves to make the changes.
I facilitated one session of IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapy) and on their next visit it was like a switch had been flicked. Their confidence was evident in the way they spoke and presented themselves and with that all that was stored from previous sessions in their subconscious was working for them.
They no longer craved unhealthy food, had begun to incorporate exercise daily and were feeling very positive for the future. Oh yes and had begun to lose weight!

Debi Dawson – Changing Status* 
*results may vary from person to person*

*”I was having problems with my weight and dieting alone was not working. I started to see Debi and with hypnosis started to make changes. We came across a block which I was struggling to overcome. Debi introduced IEMT and it did the trick. My cravings for fast food/takeaway has diminished. Thanks for your help”

anon  01/05/2014* 
*results may vary from person to person*

*Thank you for getting me out of a habit that I have had for over 10 years. Although it seems like a silly habit to most and one not to worry about it bothered me. Not once in any of our correspondence did you judge or say it was daft. This professionalism continued with our appointments. You made me feel at ease and now after 2 sessions I am out out of my habit and don’t even think about it. You are worth every penny.
Thank you Debi.

Maxine   30/04/14* 
*results may vary from person to person*

*40 years a habitual nail biter..went to see Debs for two sessions of hypnotherapy and NLP….results one month on are I have just been for my first ever manicure….for first time in my life my nails are starting to look presentable….and I haven’t had a single urge to bite them thanks Debs.
Natasha Woods   * 
*results may vary from person to person*

*Hi Deborah
I initially came to you, as I suffered from panic attacks when ever I got a cold/chest infection. They had become so extreme that I would become panicky around anyone who had one.
I wanted to let you know that a month ago I had a chest infection.Other than not sleeping the first night in case I woke up worse I did not get my panic attacks. I did need all of the medication but otherwise ok.So a big Thankyou to you .I must say I didnt think it would work so thanks again.
Regards Helen* 
*results may vary from person to person*

*After being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia I honestly thought I would have to live with my symptoms for the rest of my life! However I decided to give Reiki and Hypnotherapy a go and after 6 sessions I was amazed. I use to suffer with little sleep, low energy, pain and depression and all these symptoms have significantly reduced. I am able to live life again. Thank you so much Debi. I now enjoy my monthly Reiki session that just keeps me topped up!!

Sue 04/12/13* 
*results may vary from person to person*

*Debbie thank you so much for helping me to achieve a lifetime ambition. I have been struggling with my swimming, I could swim but was unable to stand down but after my sessions with you I can now achieve this after months do trying just two sessions with you and I am there doing it! Thank you so much.

Maureen 04/12/13* 
*results may vary from person to person*

*After years of suffering from anxiety and panic attacks I decided to give Hypnotherapy a go.  I must say Debi made me feel at ease straight away and was very understanding and patient. Debi recommended I have Whole being treatments which combine Hypnotherapy and Reiki. I had six in all and have now stopped my medication and overall feel much more in control and calmer. I am able to deal with whatever life throws at me. I am continuing with Reiki once a month, because I really feel the benefits.
I cant thank you enough Debi.  

Sue. C 22/08/2013* 
*results may vary from person to person*

*Hello Debi, well 6 months and still not smoking, cant believe it. feel great and not had any cravings which is a relief after all the other times I had tried to quit.

B straffe 05/08/2013* 
*results may vary from person to person*

*Having suffered with Fibromyalgia for some time, I didnt think I would ever find anything to relieve the symptoms. However since having Reiki with you Debi, I feel soooo much better. I am in less pain, my mood has lifted and all in all I feel much better. I would recommend Reiki to anyone suffering as I was.

Sue B 24/06/2013* 
*results may vary from person to person*

*HI Debi,
Just wanted to say a massive thank you for helping me with low self esteem and confidence issues. I am now a much calmer and happier person and have got my va va voom for life back! I thoroughly recommend the Reiki and the NLP/Hypnotherapy for any peoples having similar problems. Life changing yes! Thanks so much. Racheal Youngson x

17/04/2013 Racheal Youngson* 
*results may vary fromperson to person*

*Having recently losing my second husband, I felt very low and had no motivation or confidence. I had two sessions of Hypnotherapy and NLP and am feeling so much more able to do new things on my own.
Thank you Debi

06/02/2013  P Brunnel* 
*results may vary from person to person*

*I dont really like leaving comments but just wanted to say I have suffered with anxiety and depression for years so came to see Debi. I felt really relaxed and after six wholebeing sessions feel like a new person the anxiety is gone and depression has lifted. I love the Reiki so am seeing Debi once a month as it is so relaxing.

 31/01/2013 David* 
*results may vary from person to person*

*Wow what can I say except smoke free and can’t believe how easy it was. I have tried everything and failed but this time I feel great and really confident that this is it!!Thank you so much Debi

04/02/13 Julie Roon *    
*results may vary from person to person*

*Well here we are, just over a week since I walked out of your treatment room as a non smoker… and life has been so much better Thank You….  
after years of smoking and discovering that I couldn’t use conventional NRT I had almost resigned myself to a life of being a smoker…. Thanks to you my life has changed for the better….

Thank you so much

 8/12/2012       Sarah Brown x* 
*results may vary from person to person*

*Hi,just a few lines to say thanks for all your help in making my recovery from leukaemia. Reiki has helped me so much,my feeling of well being both mentally & physically has improved massively. BRILLIANT!!!!!

 jc 30/11/2012* 
*resu;ts may vary from person to person*

*Hi Debi, I wanted to thank you for helping me lose weight and keep it off!! I have dieted for years and never managed to keep the weight off for more than 2 months yet here I am 7 months down the line and feeling great. You definitely have helped me change my relationship with food and also motivated me to exercise more. I feel so much better and would recommend you to anyone else wanting to lose weight.

 Sue S 03/10/2012* 
*results may vary from person to person*

*Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reiki, from my first session I was hooked. It was so relaxing, the session passed in what felt like seconds! The niggling back pain that you picked up on eased so much after the first session and
subsequent sessions have got rid of it totally. Would recommend to anyone! Will be having more!

*results may vary from person to person*

*Thanks for today debi, thoroughly enjoyed my past life regression! Don’t know how or why it works but it does! An experience everyone should have!!

*results may vary from person to person*

*Good job Debs – Totally recommend
Reiki…..amid christmas rush, trying to find some time for another session!*
*results may vary from person to person*

*Hi Debs Once again – Reiki is fantastically relaxing – better than massage –
just cannot quite explain how!

*results may vary from person to person*

*I have had Reiki with Debs, all throughout my pregnancy and this has been a
fantastic experience for me especially at the end of a working day, total
relaxation, but ALSO it has relieved me of any aches and pains I have had as I
have grown bigger!! Thankyou Debs.

 Kerry 12/12/2011* 
*results may vary from person to person*

*Massive Thank You!
I saw Deb to help with anxiety. She showed a real passion and interest, which after just the initial consultation left me feeling more confident. The actual session was brilliant (extremely relaxing) and it was
obvious Deb had spent a lot of time and effort to tailor make the perfect mix of NLP and Hypnotherapy to help me personally. The results were better than I expected and I have had no feelings of anxiety since. This has changed my life in many ways from just feeling able to go into shops on my own and going out
with friends, which I had almost completely stopped doing before. I would definitely recommend Changing Status to anyone struggling with anxiety!

 jess 30/1/2012 * 
*results may vary from person to person*

*As I was having back pain, I decided not to go down the medical route. To my amazement one session of Reiki with Debs the discomfort was eased and I was provided with much needed peace and relaxation. I felt great.

Thanks Debi*
*results may vary from person to person*

*Endured several months of chronic neck and back pain. Underwent conventional physio, plus a bunch of pills from docs, but cannot stress how helpful I found Reiki as a pain relief/relaxation method. Thoroughly recommend Debi – totally professional and put me at ease about a complimentary therapy I knew little about before seeking help.

 Natasha Woods* 
*results may vary from person to person*

*Would recommend Reiki to anyone suffering from muscular tension, that is so excruciatingly painful that you can’t sleep,sit,drive etc!! Had my first session with you today Debbie & it was inexplicably amazing!!I don’t know how you do it but it has drawn out the source of my pain & loosened my joints REMARKABLE!!I look forward to my next session.Thank you Lisa
:-)) x

 Lisa * 
*results may vary from person to person*

*Deb…i don’t know how you do it,but i want to thank you for my Reiki session!!i Don’t know how  you’ve achieved what you’ve done for me today BUT IT HAS REALLY MADE A BIG DIFFERENCE!!!!Am glad I’ve booked another session :-)) x

*results may vary from person to person*

*Please note these written testimonials from f0rmer clients do not show typical results. Results from IEMT, NLP, Hypnotherapy and Reiki sessions may vary from person to person.

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Please note these written testimonials from former clients do not show typical results. Results from IEMT, NLP, Hypnotherapy and Reiki sessions may vary from person to person. Suitability and success will depend on client commitment, the severity of your problem, the rapport you have with your practitioner and willingness to follow your therapists suggestion.