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I have just successfully completed Sober you 30 and all I can say is that this course is absolutely amazing.


I have enjoyed every part of the course and have been provided with so much information and guidance throughout the 30 days. This has been a wonderful, inspiring journey and I have actually really enjoyed being sober. I have realised that I can go out and enjoy myself without alcohol and that life has so much more to offer.

Debi’s support is fantastic. Debi is professional and extremely knowledgeable, easy to talk to and puts me at ease. The advice and support that she has given me have been invaluable and I wouldn’t have got this far without her.

The course is very informative and this has inspired me to learn so much more. My whole outlook on drinking has changed already and that’s the beauty of this course is that it helps re programme your brain to enjoy the rewards of not drinking and think differently about alcohol.

I am happier and healthier and have so much more energy and enthusiasm.

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to give being sober a try or even feels like a break. I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

I have just started the Sober You and Beyond to take my sober journey to 100 days and I am so excited to see what’s in store.

Completing this course has been a life-changing experience for me and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

Thank you Debi . You truly are an inspiration.

I met Debi a couple of years ago when I went by chance to see if a Reiki session could help me with my sleep.

I lived over an hour away from Debi, there was no rhyme or reason for me at the time to choose her, no one I knew had been etc, but after good old Google, I chose Debi over many that were closer to me...


The reiki was just what I needed, truly balanced me, so much so I went back and even still, I have regular reiki sessions. Absolute bliss🧘‍♀️

Whilst there. I noted that Debi had a wealth of skills and so we talked about these further and I booked in for other appointments.

In my past, I suffered many childhood and adult traumas, and the Hypnotherapy and IEMT that Debi offered looked to be a great option to help ease the memories-emotions as they often came back to haunt me and to help me live my best life.

My problems, where I was stuck, included the loss of my Beautiful Mum quite young, too young, due to depression and alcohol.

My Dad also is a very depressed raging alcoholic god knows how he’s alive, he is but he is a very unhappy man.

I grew up with this, alcohol and depression amongst many other things.

It was normal for me.

But I knew it wasn’t right.

Stressed so we drink.

Tired so we drink.

Depressed so we drink.

Annoyed so we drink.

Celebrating so we drink.

On and on….

The culture around us, tv shows, beautiful empowered women, pouring a nice glass of wine after a long or successful day… media.. marketing… my friends saying.. go on.. have one.. have another…

It was just the norm, wasn’t it?

But I knew for a very long time. I did not like alcohol, I did not like what I saw it do to people around me, and…alcohol did not like me.

It was often a release for my pent up emotions, and a god awful amplifier of them occasionally too.

It didn’t serve me in anyway shape or form.

It had no positives for me other than temporarily numbed the environment, the company or the pain I was in. Temporarily being the key word.

I have been on my own mental health journey all my life, ‘no shop egg’ my Nan called me, learning to tackle the negativity that was imprinted severely in me, impacting my decisions and my life.

I have always believed in power of thought and being quite astute, I was always consciously working on myself daily.

I knew I didn’t want to die the way my Beautiful Mum died nor do I want to live the life my Dad does.

Alcohol was normal wasn’t it?

I totally disagree.m!

To me, alcohol is as seriously poisonous and harmful to your mind body and soul as crack cocaine, as additive, as destructive.

Luckily. My path was not going this way.

I knew. I knew in my heart, my head, my whole being.

I had to ditch the booze… some days, some weeks… I would not drink.

Then oh my, if I was that way out. I could and I would.

Enough! Enough now Lisa.

So last year, in July, I booked an appointment for August time, to see Debi, I then used Debis wealth of knowledge and skills, including hypnotherapy. This I used because I wanted to completely quit alcohol.

I didnt want it to have any place in my life at all.

This had to be my conscious decision. I 100% believed in myself, in my support.

I had worked so very hard on my past, my demon’s and worked on liking and actually respecting myself.

So…. long story short. With my strength… a true support system of Debi, here I am… 400 days alcohol free.

Debis exciting business concept of SoBerYou, with the grey area training was developed after Debi worked with me.

So oh my gosh I can not begin to imagine how powerful Debi’s work will me now. Debi will support and help you achieve what you want to and more, helping you deliver your best life. In a way where you are fully living.

Not just getting by.

Not just survivng.

*But remember!!

It has to start with you.

*Own your s**t.

There is no time like now and it is never to late.

Yours forever thankful.

Lisa Lord xxx

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