Workshops & Events

Workshops & Events

Lighten Your Load

A 6 week course that will help you live a less emotionally charged life. On completion of this course you could feel emotionally calmer and in control.

Each session focuses on your personal development, on releasing the baggage that we all accumulate over life. Releasing any hurt and memories from negative events from your past. 

Restore balance and move into the future with a lighter load, truly ready and receptive for new experiences and able to reach your full potential and happiness.

  • Groups of 5 – £20 per person per session
  • Individual Hypnotherapy sessions £50
  • Various dates please contact

Guided Meditation Group

Chances are if you are reading this, you already know some of the benefits of meditation but, like a lot of people, find it difficult to make the time for that inner calm and peace or struggle to quieten your mind.

Regular meditation can benefit you on many levels Psychologically, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually. Relieving stress, raising mood and generally bringing about a more positive outlook on life.

You will be guided into a meditative state using visualisation and breathing, sessions vary and can be developed for the group. Meditation can support your health and well being and is a safe and enjoyable experience.

Sessions run weekly or fortnightly depending on the commitment you can make.

  • Groups of 5 – £8 per session.
  • Weekly and Fortnightly groups.

Past Life Regression Group

Curious about your previous lives? Either join a group or come along with friends and experience a truly exciting and interesting journey.

Past Life Regression is a safe and happy experience. I will guide you using visualization, you could experience up to 2 past lives. These sessions are for the curious and not used for therapeutic purposes, so I guide you to only happy past events. Each person receives their own booklet in which they can record all the information they received.

  • Groups of 5 or more depending on venue. £20 per person
  • Individual Past Life Therapy sessions £60

Let’s Move Forward Together

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